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The Journal covers all disciplines in the field of theoretical and applied mechanics, including solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, dynamics and control, and biomechanics. It explores analytical, computational and experimental progresses in all areas of mechanics. The Journal also encourages research in interdisciplinary subjects, and serves as a bridge between mechanics...
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                               Professor Zhigang Suo
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Modeling ocean wave propagation under sea ice covers
Xin Zhao, Hayley H. Shen, Sukun Cheng [2015, 31(1): 1-15] (121)
Theoretical research and experimental validation of quasi-static load spectra on bogie frame structures of high-speed trains
Ning Zhu, Shou-Guang Sun, Qiang Li, Hua Zou [2014, 30(6): 901-909] (95)
Influences of aerodynamic loads on hunting stability of high-speed railway vehicles and parameter studies
Xiao-Hui Zeng, Han Wu, Jiang Lai, Hong-Zhi Sheng [2014, 30(6): 889-900] (62)
Energy harvester array using piezoelectric circular diaphragm for rail vibration
Wei Wang, Rong-Jin Huang, Chuan-Jun Huang, Lai-Feng Li [2014, 30(6): 884-888] (102)
Analysis of vibration and frequency transmission of high speed EMU with flexible model
Zun-Song Ren, Guang Yang, Shan-Shan Wang, Shou-Guang Sun [2014, 30(6): 876-883] (73)
Development of a simulation model for dynamic derailment analysis of high-speed trains
Liang Ling, Xin-Biao Xiao, Xue-Song Jin [2014, 30(6): 860-875] (58)
Preface: Current research progress on mechanics of high speed rail
Yujie Wei [2014, 30(6): 846-848] (71)
Underlying principle of efficient propulsion in flexible plunging foils
Xiao-Jue Zhu, Guo-Wei He, Xing Zhang [2014, 30(6): 839-845] (46)
Effects of wing deformation on aerodynamic performance of a revolving insect wing
Ryusuke Noda, Toshiyuki Nakata, Hao Liu [2014, 30(6): 819-827] (104)
Dynamic performance and wake structure of flapping plates with different shapes
Gao-Jin Li, Nan-Sheng Liu, Xi-Yun Lu [2014, 30(6): 800-808] (66)
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  Acta Mechanica Sinica--2015, 31 (1)   Published: 20 January 2015
Modeling ocean wave propagation under sea ice covers Hot!
Xin Zhao, Hayley H. Shen, Sukun Cheng
The spatial-temporal evolution of coherent structures in log law region of turbulent boundary layer
Xiao-Bo Zheng, Nan Jiang
Lagrangian statistics in isotropic turbulent flows with deterministic and stochastic forcing schemes
Jin-Cai Chen, Guo-Dong Jin, Jian Zhang
A general solution for Stokes flow and its application to the problem of a rigid plate translating in a fluid
Xiang-Yu Li, Si-Cong Ren, Qi-Chang He
Effect of the size and pressure on the modified viscosity of water in microchannels
Zhao-Miao Liu, Yan Pang
A dynamic coupling numerical model for pollutant transport under wave condition
Yong Li, Mian Lin, Zhen Wang
The effect of single-horn glaze ice on the vortex structures in the wake of a horizontal axis wind turbine
Zhe-Yan Jin, Qiao-Tian Dong, Zhi-Gang Yang
The asymptotic solution of particle growth in the convective undercooled melt driven by a biaxial straining flow
Ming-Wen Chen, Xiu-Min Liu, Zhen-Chao Yang, Zi-Dong Wang
Extension of covariant derivative (I): From component form to objective form
Ya-Jun Yin
Extension of covariant derivative (II): From flat space to curved space
Ya-Jun Yin
Extension of covariant derivative (III): From classical gradient to shape gradient
Ya-Jun Yin
A novel robust design method for improving stability of optimized structures
Ming-Jie Cao, Hai-Tao Ma, Peng Wei
Hierarchical model for strain generalized streaming potential induced by the canalicular fluid flow of an osteon
Xiao-Gang Wu, Wei-Lun Yu, Hai-Peng Cen, Yan-Qin Wang, Yuan Guo, Wei-Yi Chen
An improved correlation of the pressure drop in stenotic vessels using Lorentz's reciprocal theorem
Chang-Jin Ji, Kazuyasu Sugiyama, Shigeho Noda, Ying He, Ryutaro Himeno
Skin temperature oscillation model for assessing vasomotion of microcirculation
Yuan-Liang Tang, Ying He, Hong-Wei Shao, Irina Mizeva
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