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The Journal covers all disciplines in the field of theoretical and applied mechanics, including solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, dynamics and control, and biomechanics. It explores analytical, computational and experimental progresses in all areas of mechanics. The Journal also encourages research in interdisciplinary subjects, and serves as a bridge between mechanics...
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Dynamic tensile characterization of pig skin
H. Khatam, Q. Liu, K. Ravi-Chandar [2014, 30(2): 125-132] (146)
Separating viscoelasticity and poroelasticity of gels with different length and time scales
Qi-MingWang, Anirudh C. Mohan, Michelle L. Oyen, Xuan-He Zhao [2014, 30(1): 20-27] (145)
Mechanical properties of double-stranded DNA biofilm with Gaussian distribution
Heng-Song Tang, Wei-Lie Meng, Neng-Hui Zhang [2014, 30(1): 15-19] (116)
Nanoscale viscoelastic properties and adhesion of polydimethylsiloxane for tissue engineering
J. Chen, K. E. Wright, M. A. Birch [2014, 30(1): 2-6] (167)
Viscoelastic analysis of single-component and composite PEG and alginate hydrogels
Jenna M. Shapiro, Michelle L. Oyen [2014, 30(1): 7-14] (121)
Inspection of free energy functions in gradient crystal plasticity
Samuel Forest, Nicolas Guéninchault [2013, 29(6): 763-772] (133)
A micromechanical model for effective conductivity in granular electrode structures
Julia Ott, Benjamin Völker, Yixiang Gan, Robert M. McMeeking, Marc Kamlah [2013, 29(5): 682-698] (195)
Rate effect and coupled evolution of atomic motions and potential landscapes
Pan Xiao, Jun Wang, Rong Yang, Fu-Jiu Ke, Meng-Fen Xia, Yi-Long Bai [2013, 29(5): 676-681] (69)
Wavy structures in compressible mixing layers
Jun Chen, Xiao-Tian Shi, Tie-Jin Wang, Zhen-Su She [2013, 29(5): 633-640] (174)
Novel implementation of homogenization method to predict effective properties of periodic materials
Geng-Dong Cheng, Yuan-Wu Cai, Liang Xu [2013, 29(4): 550-556] (305)
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  Acta Mechanica Sinica--2014, 30 (2)   Published: 20 March 2014
Dynamic tensile characterization of pig skin Hot!
H. Khatam, Q. Liu, K. Ravi-Chandar
On the validity of the Boltzmann-BGK model through relaxation evaluation
Quan-Hua Sun, Chun-Pei Cai, Wei Gao
Three dimensional simulations of penetrative convection in a porous medium with internal heat sources
A.J. Harfash
Effect of electric boundary conditions on crack propagation in ferroelectric ceramics
F.-X. Li, Y. Sun, R.K.N.D. Rajapakse
Interval finite difference method for steady-state temperature field prediction with interval parameters
Chong Wang, Zhi-Ping Qiu
Quantitative assessment of the surface crack density in thermal barrier coatings
Li Yang, Zhi-Chun Zhong, Yi-Chun Zhou, Chun-Sheng Lu
On the homogenization of metal matrix composites using strain gradient plasticity
Reza Azizi, Christian F. Niordson, Brian Nyvang Legarth
Size effect of lattice material and minimum weight design
Jun Yan, Wen-Bo Hu, Zhen-Hua Wang, Zun-Yi Duan
Exact mesh shape design of large cable-network antenna reflectors with flexible ring truss supports
Wang Liu, Dong-Xu Li, Xin-Zhan Yu, Jian-Ping Jiang
Frequency domain fundamental solutions for a poroelastic half-space
Pei Zheng, Bo-Yang Ding, She-Xu Zhao
Stability analysis of a thin-walled cylinder in turning operation using the semi-discretization method
Arnab Chanda, Achim Fischer, Peter Eberhard, Santosha Kumar Dwivedy
Shear deformable finite beam elements for composite box beams
Nam-Il Kim, Dong-Ho Choi
Influence of screw length and diameter on tibial strain energy density distribution after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Jie Yao, Guan-Ming Kuang, Duo Wai-Chi Wong, Wen-Xin Niu, Ming Zhang, Yu-Bo Fan
Numerical analysis for the efficacy of nasal surgery in obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome
Shen Yu, Ying-Xi Liu, Xiu-Zhen Sun, Ying-Feng Su, Ying Wang, Yin-Zhe Gai
Multidimensional modeling of the stenosed carotid artery: A novel CAD approach accompanied by an extensive lumped model
A. Kashefi, M. Mahdinia, B. Firoozabadi, M. Amirkhosravi, G. Ahmadi, M. S. Saidi
A cellular scale numerical study of the effect of mechanical properties of erythrocytes on the near-wall motion of platelets
Jing Xu, Xiao-Long Wang, Yun-Qiao Liu, Xiao-Bo Gong
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