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Acta Mechanica Sinica--2021, 37 (6)   Published: 30 June 2021
Biomechanical study on implantable and interventional medical devices
Lizhen Wang· Xili Ding· Wentao Feng· Yuanming Gao· Shudong Zhao · Yubo Fan

Implants, including artificial joints, bone fixation devices, and other orthopedic implants, oral implants, and vascular interventional devices, are used to repair or replace human tissues or organs and restore their functions. Since biodegradable implants have advantage of avoiding long-term complications (including bone stress shielding, restenosis, thrombosis, and secondary surgery) while remaining safe and productive, personalized biodegradable implants will be an irresistible trend in th...

Internal field study of 21700 battery based on long-life embedded wireless temperature sensor
Haihua Chen · XianfLe Yang · Na Li · Likun Hu · Shaoqi Wang · Lin Wang · Jiang Zhou · Wei-Li Song · Lei Sun · Tai-Song Pan · Hao-Sen Chen · Daining Fang

The safety of lithium-ion batteries is an essential concern where instant and accurate temperature sensing is critical. It is generally desired to put sensors inside batteries for instant sensing. However, the transmission of internal measurement outside batteries without interfering their normal state is a non-trivial task due to the harsh electrochemical environment, the particular packaging structures and the intrinsic electromagnetic shielding problems of batteries. In this work, a novel ...

In situ monitoring the internal of lithium ion batteries
Hanqing Jiang

The temperature evolution inside the lithium-ion battery would significantly influence its performance and safety. Currently,
an in-situ technology that allows for monitoring and transmitting the internal temperature signal of the cylindrical battery
has been developed, and whereby early safety alert of the abnormal cases inside the batteries could be envisaged.

Tensile and shearing behaviors of the particle raft
P. C. Zuo · H. Yu · J. L. Liu · Z. J. Wen

The particle raft is a two-dimensional condensed soft matter, which is composed of hydrophobic solid particles floating on a liquid surface. In this study, we have realized to conduct tension and shear experiments on the particle raft by using the self-assembled loading device. The crack initiation and propagation are observed by the camera, and the curve of the non-dimensional force with respect to the displacement is given. These experimental results have been compared with the particle flo...

Influence of modeling approaches and structural parameters on impact resistance of the human porous cranium
Qianqian Wu · Jian Xiong
Failure mechanism and impact resistance of a human porous cranium are studied in detail by means of theoretical and numerical methods. It is hypothesized that pore distribution of a cranium directly affects cranial energy absorption, and a stretched beam model and a real beam model are taken as the example for the verification. Meanwhile, for the purpose of comparison with numerical results, a theoretical model is also proposed for the prediction of residual velocity and contact force of the imp...
Numerical study on the effects of a semi?free and non?uniform flexible filament in different vortex streets
Liang Liu · Guoyi He · Xinyi He · Qi Wang · Longsheng Chen
The variable flexibility of a fish body is believed to play a significant role in improving swimming performance. To explore the effect of non-uniform flexibility on the motion performance of fish under biologically relevant conditions, we set up three different flexible distribution modes for a semi-free filament and compared the motion performance of different flexible distribution modes through numerical simulations. The filament is located in the wake of the front flapping foil; it can swing...
Study on Cell Size Variation in Overdriven Gaseous Detonations
Huilan Ren · Tianyu Jing · Jian Li
The cell size variation in overdriven gaseous detonations is studied in hydrogen/oxygen and acetylene/oxygen mixtures. The local self-similarity of Mach reflection of detonations on the wedge in the far field renders the presence of a steady overdriven Mach stem to be possible. The study focuses on the cell size change of overdrivenMach stem on the wedge surface other than on the sidewall. The detonation cell pattern on the wedge surface has a complicated process of three-stage pattern, i.e.,...
Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of an Urban Maglev Train
Z. X. Sun1 · M. Y. Wang1,2 · L. Y. Wei1,2 · F. B. Kong3 · G. W. Yang1,2
With rapid development of urban rail transit, maglev trains, benefiting from its comfortable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly merits, have gradually entered people’s horizons. In this paper, aiming at improving the aerodynamic performance of an urban maglev train, the aerodynamic optimization design has been performed. An improved two-point infill criterion has been adopted to construct the cross-validated Kriging model. Meanwhile, the multi-objective genetic algorithm and complex...
Theoretical analysis for self-sharpening penetration of tungsten high-entropy alloy into steel target with elevated impact velocities
Zhang, Xianfeng · Chen, Haihua · Liu, Chuang · Xiong, Wei · Tan, Mengting · Dai, Lanhong
The “self-sharpening” effect has been observed experimentally in the penetration of tungsten high-entropy alloy (WHEA) into steel targets in previous study. From the microscopic observation of the residual WHEA long-rod projectile (LRP), the multiphase structure atmicro-scale ofWHEA is the key effects on self-sharpening penetration process. In order to describe the distinctive penetration behavior, the interaction between micro phases is introduced to modify the hydrodynamic penetration model. T...
Symplectic perturbation series methodology for non?conservative linear Hamiltonian system with damping
Zhiping Qiu · Haijun Xia
In this paper, the symplectic perturbation series methodology of the non-conservative linear Hamiltonian system is presented for the structural dynamic response with damping. Firstly, the linear Hamiltonian system is briefly introduced and its conservation law is proved based on the properties of the exterior products. Then the symplectic perturbation series methodology is proposed to deal with the non-conservative linear Hamiltonian system and its conservation law is further proved. The str...
Improved lateral-dynamics-intended railway vehicle model involving nonlinear wheel/rail interaction and car body flexibility
Huailong Shi · Ren Luo · Jinying Guo
To study the vehicle hunting behavior and its coupling with car body vibrations, a simplified lateral-dynamics-intended railway vehicle model is developed. A two-truck vehicle is modeled as a 17 degrees-of-freedom rigid system, into which the car body flexural vibrations of torsion and bending modes are further integrated. The wheel/rail interaction employs a realtime calculation for the Hertzian normal contact, in which the nonlinear curvatures of wheel and rail profiles are presented as fu...
Modeling cells spreading, motility, and receptors dynamics: a general framework
M. Serpellonia · M. Arriccaa · C. Bonannoa · A. Salvadoria
The response of cells during spreading and motility is dictated by several multi-physics events, which are triggered by extracellular cues and occur at different time-scales. For this sake, it is not completely appropriate to provide a cell with classical notions of the mechanics of materials, as for “rheology” or “mechanical response”. Rather, a cell is an alive system with constituents that show a reproducible response, as for the contractility for single stress fibers or for the mechanical re...
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