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Acta Mechanica Sinica--2017, 33 (5)   Published: 20 September 2017
Characteristics of turbulence transport for momentum and heat in particle-laden turbulent vertical channel flows
Caixi Liu, Shuai Tang, Lian Shen, Yuhong Dong

The dynamic and thermal performance of particle-laden turbulent flow is investigated via direction numerical simulation combined with the Lagrangian point-particle tracking under the condition of two-way coupling, with a focus on the contributions of particle feedback effect to momentum and heat transfer of turbulence. We take into account the effects of particles on flow drag and Nusselt number and explore the possibility of drag reduction in conjunction with heat transfer enhancement in par...

Empirical model for estimating vertical concentration profiles of re-suspended, sediment-associated contaminants
H. W. Zhu, P. D. Cheng, W. Li, J. H. Chen, Y. Pang, D. Z. Wang

Vertical distribution processes of sediment contaminants in water were studied by flume experiments. Experimental results show that settling velocity of sediment particles and turbulence characteristics are the major hydrodynamic factors impacting distribution of pollutants, especially near the bottom where particle diameter is similar in size to vortex structure. Sediment distribution was uniform along the distance, while contaminant distribution slightly lagged behind the sediment. The smal...

One-dimensional non-Darcy flow in a semi-infinite porous media:a multiphase implicit Stefan problem with phases divided by hydraulic gradients
G. Q. Zhou, Y. Zhou, X. Y. Shi

One-dimensional non-Darcy flow in a semi-infinite porous media is investigated. We indicate that the non-Darcy relation which is usually determined from experimental results can always be described by a piecewise linear function, and the problem can be equivalently transformed to a multiphase implicit Stefan problem. The novel feature of this Stefan problem is that the phases of the porous media are divided by hydraulic gradients, not the excess pore water pressures. Using the similarity tran...

A theoretical analysis of the electromigration-induced void morphological evolution under high current density
Yuexing Wang, Yao Yao

In this work, analysis of electromigration-induced void morphological evolution in solder interconnects is performed based on mass diffusion theory. The analysis is conducted for three typical experimentally observed void shapes:circular, ellipse, and cardioid. Void morphological evolution is governed by the competition between the electric field and surface capillary force. In the developed model, both the electric field and capillary force on the void's surface are solved analytically. Base...

Determination of stress intensity factor with direct stress approach using finite element analysis
X. Ji, F. Zhu, P. F. He

In this article, a direct stress approach based on finite element analysis to determine the stress intensity factor is improved. Firstly, by comparing the rigorous solution against the asymptotic solution for a problem of an infinite plate embedded a central crack, we found that the stresses in a restrictive interval near the crack tip given by the rigorous solution can be used to determine the stress intensity factor, which is nearly equal to the stress intensity factor given by the asymptot...

Strength and deformation behaviors of veined marble specimens after vacuum heat treatment under conventional triaxial compression
Haijian Su, Hongwen Jing, Qian Yin, Liyuan Yu, Yingchao Wang, Xingjie Wu

The mechanical behaviors of rocks affected by high temperature and stress are generally believed to be significant for the stability of certain projects involving rocks, such as nuclear waste storage and geothermal resource exploitation. In this paper, veined marble specimens were treated to high temperature treatment and then used in conventional triaxial compression tests to investigate the effect of temperature, confining pressure, and vein angle on strength and deformation behaviors. The ...

Plate/shell structure topology optimization of orthotropic material for buckling problem based on independent continuous topological variables
Hong-Ling Ye, Wei-Wei Wang, Ning Chen, Yun-Kang Sui

The purpose of the present work is to study the buckling problem with plate/shell topology optimization of orthotropic material. A model of buckling topology optimization is established based on the independent, continuous, and mapping method, which considers structural mass as objective and buckling critical loads as constraints. Firstly, composite exponential function (CEF) and power function (PF) as filter functions are introduced to recognize the element mass, the element stiffness matrix...

An analytical symplectic approach to the vibration analysis of orthotropic graphene sheets
Xinsheng Xu, Dalun Rong, C. W. Lim, Changyu Yang, Zhenhuan Zhou

A nonlocal continuum orthotropic plate model is proposed to study the vibration behavior of single-layer graphene sheets (SLGSs) using an analytical symplectic approach. A Hamiltonian system is established by introducing a total unknown vector consisting of the displacement amplitude, rotation angle, shear force, and bending moment. The high-order governing differential equation of the vibration of SLGSs is transformed into a set of ordinary differential equations in symplectic space. Exact s...

The vibroacoustic response and sound absorption performance of multilayer, microperforated rib-stiffened plates
Haian Zhou, Xiaoming Wang, Huayong Wu, Jianbing Meng

The vibroacoustic response and sound absorption performance of a structure composed of multilayer plates and one rigid back wall are theoretically analyzed. In this structure, all plates are two-dimensional, microperforated, and periodically rib-stiffened. To investigate such a structural system, semianalytical models of one-layer and multilayer plate structures considering the vibration effects are first developed. Then approaches of the space harmonic method and Fourier transforms are appli...

Nonlinear mechanics of a ring structure subjected to multi-pairs of evenly distributed equal radial forces
Q. Chen, F. Sun, Z. Y. Li, L. Taxis, N. Pugno

Combining the elastica theory, finite element (FE) analysis, and a geometrical topological experiment, we studied the mechanical behavior of a ring subjected to multi-pairs of evenly distributed equal radial forces by looking at its seven distinct states. The results showed that the theoretical predictions of the ring deformation and strain energy matched the FE results very well, and that the ring deformations were comparable to the topological experiment. Moreover, no matter whether the rin...

Dynamic analysis of beam-cable coupled systems using Chebyshev spectral element method
Yi-Xin Huang, Hao Tian, Yang Zhao

The dynamic characteristics of a beam-cable coupled system are investigated using an improved Chebyshev spectral element method in order to observe the effects of adding cables on the beam. The system is modeled as a double Timoshenko beam system interconnected by discrete springs. Utilizing Chebyshev series expansion and meshing the system according to the locations of its connections, numerical results of the natural frequencies and mode shapes are obtained using only a few elements, and th...

Integration of uniform design and quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization to the robust design for a railway vehicle suspension system under different wheel conicities and wheel rolling radii
Yung-Chang Cheng, Cheng-Kang Lee

This paper proposes a systematic method, integrating the uniform design (UD) of experiments and quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization (QPSO), to solve the problem of a robust design for a railway vehicle suspension system. Based on the new nonlinear creep model derived from combining Hertz contact theory, Kalker's linear theory and a heuristic nonlinear creep model, the modeling and dynamic analysis of a 24 degree-of-freedom railway vehicle system were investigated. The Lyapunov indirec...

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