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The Journal covers all disciplines in the field of theoretical and applied mechanics, including solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, dynamics and control, and biomechanics. It explores analytical, computational and experimental progresses in all areas of mechanics. The Journal also encourages research in interdisciplinary subjects, and serves as a bridge between mechanics...
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Time-optimal rendezvous transfer trajectory for restricted cone-angle range solar sails
Jing He, Sheng-Ping Gong, Fang-Hua Jiang, Jun-Feng Li [2014, 30(5): 628-635] (176)
Low-thrust trajectory optimization in a full ephemeris model
Xing-Shan Cai, Yang Chen, Jun-Feng Li [2014, 30(5): 615-627] (166)
Space-time correlations in turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection
Xiaozhou He, Penger Tong [2014, 30(4): 457-467] (431)
Modeling method and preliminary model of Asteroid Toutatis from Chang’E-2 optical images
Xiang-Yu Li, Dong Qiao [2014, 30(3): 310-315] (194)
Routing the asteroid surface vehicle with detailed mechanics
Yang Yu, He-Xi Baoyin [2014, 30(3): 301-309] (174)
Averaging analyses for spacecraft orbital motions around asteroids
Wei-Duo Hu, D. J. Scheeres [2014, 30(3): 294-300] (133)
A survey on orbital dynamics and navigation of asteroid missions
He-Xi Baoyin, Jun-Feng Li [2014, 30(3): 282-293] (389)
A method for classifying orbits near asteroids
Xian-Yu Wang, Sheng-Ping Gong, Jun-Feng Li [2014, 30(3): 316-325] (146)
Surface integral analogy approaches for predicting noise from 3D high-lift low-noise wings
Hua-Dong Yao, Lars Davidson, Lars-Erik Eriksson, Shia-Hui Peng, Olof Grundestam, Peter E. Eliasson [2014, 30(3): 326-338] (153)
Dynamic tensile characterization of pig skin
H. Khatam, Q. Liu, K. Ravi-Chandar [2014, 30(2): 125-132] (383)
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  Acta Mechanica Sinica--2014, 30 (5)   Published: 20 September 2014
Low-thrust trajectory optimization in a full ephemeris model Hot!
Xing-Shan Cai, Yang Chen, Jun-Feng Li
Time-optimal rendezvous transfer trajectory for restricted cone-angle range solar sails Hot!
Jing He, Sheng-Ping Gong, Fang-Hua Jiang, Jun-Feng Li
Dynamics of low-speed streak evolution and interaction in laminar boundary layer
Si-Chao Deng, Chong Pan, Jin-Jun Wang
Transient simulation of a pump-turbine with misaligned guide vanes during turbine model start-up
Ye-Xiang Xiao, Ruo-Fu Xiao
On the horizontal distribution of algal-bloom in Chaohu Lake and its formation process
Yuan-Ying Chen, Qing-Quan Liu
Fully nonlinear modeling of radiated waves generated by floating flared structures
Bin-Zhen Zhou, De-Zhi Ning, Bin Teng, Ming Zhao
An experimental research on surface oscillation of buoyant-thermocapillary convection in open cylindrical annuli
Li Zhang, Li Duan, Qi Kang
Artificial boundary conditions for Euler-Bernoulli beam equation
Shao-Qiang Tang, Eduard G. Karpov
Dislocation stability in three-phase nanocomposites with imperfect interface
Ying-Xin Zhao, You-Wen Liu, Qi-Hong Fang
Propagation behavior of elastic waves in one-dimensional piezoelectric/piezomagnetic phononic crystal with line defects
Y. Pang, F.-Y. Jiao, J.-X. Liu
Theoretical analysis of the sound absorption characteristics of periodically stiffened micro-perforated plates
Hai-An Zhou, Xiao-Ming Wang, Yu-Lin Mei
Stability and oscillations in a slow-fast flexible joint system with transformation delay
Shan-Ying Jiang, Jian Xu, Yao Yan
Dynamics of a prey-predator system under Poisson white noise excitation
Shan-Shan Pan, Wei-Qiu Zhu
Coupled lateral-torsional-axial vibrations of a helical gear-rotor-bearing system
Chao-Feng Li, Shi-Hua Zhou, Jie Liu, Bang-Chun Wen
Biomechanical and dynamic mechanism of locust take-off
Dian-Sheng Chen, Jun-Mao Yin, Ke-Wei Chen, Zhen Li
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