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Three Papers (by Xuan-He Zhao, Nan Jiang, Xue-Song Jin, et al.) win AMS Best Paper Award 2016

Acta Mechanica Sinica (AMS) is pleased to announce the winners of the first AMS Best Paper Award from the 2014 volume.

The award is established to foster original and innovative scientific research in the field of mechanics. Professor Tian Jian Lu, Editor-in-Chief of the journal, commented that “we would like to congratulate all the authors on winning the AMS Best Paper Award 2016, and thank them for their excellent contributions to the journal. Their research results can contribute to further applications in many fields like high-speed transportation, bioengineering and materials science.”

The three selected papers are: 

Title: Separating viscoelasticity and poroelasticity of gels with different length and time scales

Authors: Qi-Ming Wang, Anirudh C. Mohan, Michelle L. Oyen, Xuan-He Zhao

Acta Mechanica Sinica, 30 (1): 20-427 (2014)

Title: TRPIV investigation of space-time correlation in turbulent flows over flat and wavy walls

Authors: Wei Wang, Xin-Lei Guan, Nan Jiang

Acta Mechanica Sinica, 30 (4): 468-479 (2014)

Title: Development of a simulation model for dynamic derailment analysis of high-speed trains

Authors: Liang Ling, Xin-Biao Xiao, Xue-Song Jin

Acta Mechanica Sinica, 30 (6): 860-875 (2014)

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