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    Publishing Ethics Policy

Publishing Ethics Policy

As a journal co-published by The Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (CSTAM) and Springer-Nature, Acta Mechanica Sinica (AMS) follows the ethics standards listed in  Publishing Ethics and the authors of AMS must agree the following ethical rules relating to duplicate publication, plagiarism, fabrication, interest conflict, authorship:


1. The work in the manuscript is not published or submitted elsewhere, in its portions or entirety, except it is a review article and all published data and figures' sources are credited and used with permission. AMS will not accept duplicate publication.

2. Results in the manuscript are authors' original work. The authors must represent their work completely and accurately, without reporting the data selectively. AMS will not accept a manuscript having actions of plagiarism, data fabrication, or including other's data.

3. All the related published works must be cited and credited, such as methods/formulas taken or referred by the authors in their research, works may affect the discussion/conclusions of the manuscript.

4. The editors/readers of journal should be noticed by the authors all financial supports and funds of the work to disclose any perceived conflicts of interest.

5. All authors listed in the author list must have a contribution to the work, such as design, conduct, analysis, or interpretation of the work. Every author is willing to take his/her public responsibility for his/her work in the manuscript and must approve before the manuscript's submission to AMS.


Reviewers and readers of AMS should report any suspected duplicate publication, plagiarism, or any possible unethical behavior. Once the Editorial Office receives a report, related articles and material will be sent to the Editors-in-Chief and a deliberation will be conducted based on the response/explanation of the author and relevant material. Serious unethical behavior could result in rejection of future submissions and serving as a reviewer for CSTAM's journals. 


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