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Theoretical investigations on lattice Boltzmann method: an amended MBD and improved LBM
Jing Tang Xing
[Abstract] ( 1 )
Hybrid deep neural network based prediction method for unsteady flows with moving boundary
Ren-Kun Han, Zhong Zhang, Yi-Xing Wang, Zi-Yang Liu, Yang Zhang, Gang Chen
[Abstract] ( 5 )
Studies on Theory and Modeling of Droplet and Spray Combustion in China-A Review
Zhou, Lixing
[Abstract] ( 5 )
Coordinated motion of molecular motors on DNA chains with branch topology
Di Lu, Bin Chen
[Abstract] ( 4 )
Reconstructing shock front of unstable detonations based on multi-layer perceptron
Lin Zhou, Honghui Teng, Hoi Dick Ng, Pengfei Yang, Zonglin Jiang
[Abstract] ( 15 )
Tuning frictional properties of molecularly thin erucamide films through controlled self-assembling
Youyu Di, Shuai Zhang, Xi-Qiao Feng, Qunyang Li
[Abstract] ( 10 )
Novel lift enhancement method based on zero-mass-flux jets and its adaptive controlling laws design
Zhijie Zhao, Zhenbing Luo, Bin Xu, Panfeng Zhang, Xiong Deng, Yuyan Guo,Wenqiang Peng,Shiqing Li
[Abstract] ( 4 )
A numerical investigation of the effects of turbulence on the ignition process in a turbulent MILD flame
Xiang Qian, Hao Lu, Chun Zou, Hanlin Zhang, Shujing Shao, Hong Yao
[Abstract] ( 7 )
Machine learning for adjoint vector in aerodynamic shape optimization
Mengfei Xu, Shufang Song, Xuxiang Sun, Wengang Chen, Weiwei Zhang
[Abstract] ( 16 )
Effect of cooperative injection and suction jet on power extraction characteristics of a semi-active flapping airfoil
Jianyang Zhu, Mingkang Zhu, Tinghai Cheng
[Abstract] ( 6 )
The rupture of a rubber sheet by a cavitation bubble: an experimental study
Xing-Yu Kan,Jia-Le Yan, Shuai Li,A-Man Zhang
[Abstract] ( 26 )
Biomechanical study on implantable and interventional medical devices
Lizhen Wang, Xili Ding, Wentao Feng, Yuanming Gao, Shudong Zhao, Yubo Fan
[Abstract] ( 5 )
Study on propellant management device in plate surface tension tanks
Shangtong Chen, Li Duan, Qi Kang
[Abstract] ( 6 )
Viscoelastic characterization and prediction of a wormlike micellar solution
Shuxin Huang
[Abstract] ( 10 )
Wave propagation in graphene reinforced piezoelectric sandwich nanoplates via high-order nonlocal strain gradient theory
Biao Hu, Juan Liu, Yuxing Wang, Bo Zhang, Huoming Shen
[Abstract] ( 39 )
Length and stiffness effects of the attached flexible plate on the flow over a traveling wavy foil
Lin Tian, Zhiye Zhao, Wenjiang Wang
[Abstract] ( 18 )
Confined Thin Film Wrinkling on Shape Memory Polymer with Hybrid Surface Morphologies
Yu Wang, Jianliang Xiao
[Abstract] ( 21 )
Flow structures of turbulent Rayleigh-B′enard convection in annular cells with aspect ratio one and larger
Xu Zhu, Quan Zhou
[Abstract] ( 35 )
Internal field study of 21700 battery based on long-life embedded wireless temperature sensor
Haihua Chen, XianfLe Yang, Na Li, Likun Hu, Shaoqi Wang, Lin Wang, Jiang Zhou, Wei-Li Song, Lei Sun, Tai-Song Pan, Hao-Sen Chen, Daining Fang
[Abstract] ( 88 )
Electromagnetic buffer optimization based on Nash game
Fengjie Xu, Guolai Yang, Zixuan Li, Liqun Wang, Quanzhao Sun
[Abstract] ( 32 )
Non-contact optical dynamic measurements at different ranges: a review
Yu Fu, Yang Shang, Wenxin Hu, Bin Li, Qifeng Yu
[Abstract] ( 20 )
Multi-scale finite element simulation on large deformation behavior of wood under axial and transverse compression conditions
Weizhou Zhong, Zexiong Zhang, Xiaowei Chen, Qiang Wei, Gang Chen, Xicheng Huang
[Abstract] ( 39 )
Theoretical prediction for effective properties and progressive failure of textile composites: a generalized multi-scale approach
Haoyuan Dang, Peng Liu, Yinxiao Zhang, Zhenqiang Zhao, Liyong Tong, Chao Zhang, Yulong Li
[Abstract] ( 32 )
Soft Substrate and Decreased Cytoskeleton Contractility Promote Coupling and Morphology Maintenance of Pluripotent Stem Cells
Meihong Lu, Jialing Cao, Yuanyuan Zhai, Peng Zhao, Jie Yao, Yan Gong, Jing Du, Yubo Fan
[Abstract] ( 26 )
Coupling Dynamic characteristics of Simplified Model for Tethered Satellite System
Weipeng Hu, Yulu Huai, Mengbo Xu, Zichen Deng
[Abstract] ( 23 )
Nonlinear Dynamical Analysis of Some MEMS Resonators with Internal Damping
Dongming Wei, Daulet Nurakhmetov, Christos Spitas, Almir Aniyarov, Dichuan Zhang
[Abstract] ( 68 )
Flow regimes of the immiscible liquids within a rectangular microchannel
Xiang Wang, Yan Pang, Yilin Ma, Yanlin Ren, Zhaomiao Liu
[Abstract] ( 31 )
Flow-pattern-altered Syntheses of Core-Shell and Hole-Shell Microparticles in an Axisymmetric Microfluidic Device
Duo Wang, Xu Zheng, Xiaodong Chen, Guoqing Hu
[Abstract] ( 27 )
Experimental and numerical investigations into flow features in an intake duct for the waterjet propulsion under mooring conditions
Renfang Huang, Ruizhi Zhang, Yiwei Wang, Xianwu Luo, Lei Zhu
[Abstract] ( 21 )
Molecular Simulation-Guided and Physics-Informed Mechanistic Modeling of Multifunctional Polymers
Guang Chen, Weikang Xian, Qiming Wang, Ying Li
[Abstract] ( 49 )
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