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Vortical structures and density fluctuations analysis of supersonic forward-facing step controlled by self-sustaining dual synthetic jets
[Abstract] ( 0 )
The dispersive behavior of high frequency Rayleigh waves propagating on an elastic half space
[Abstract] ( 9 )
Dynamic thermo-mechanical behaviors of SME TiNi alloys subjected to shock loading
[Abstract] ( 2 )
Passive scalar mixing induced by the formation of compressible vortex rings
[Abstract] ( 26 )
Optimal design of 6-DOF vibration isolation platform based on transfer matrix method for multibody systems
[Abstract] ( 25 )
Large eddy simulations of turbulent cavitating flows around a sphere with special emphasis on the cavitation-vortex interactions in the wake
[Abstract] ( 22 )
Coupled pore network model for the cathode gas diffusion layer in PEM fuel cells
[Abstract] ( 29 )
Hydrodynamic scaling and wave force estimation of offshore structures
[Abstract] ( 21 )
Study on modal characteristics and vibration reduction of an aircraft rotor-stator brake-induced squeal system
[Abstract] ( 26 )
Quantitative characterization of damage-aggravation effect caused by progressive damage
[Abstract] ( 42 )
Regulation of substrate surface topography on differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells
[Abstract] ( 32 )
In situ method for stress measurements in film-substrate electrodes during electrochemical processes: key role of softening and stiffening
[Abstract] ( 40 )
Assessment of the potential storm tide inundation hazard under climate change: case studies of Southeast China coast
[Abstract] ( 50 )
A cavitation-induced damage model of soft materials in exposure to high-intensity focused ultrasound
[Abstract] ( 35 )
Dynamic Experiment and Numerical Simulation of Frozen Soil under Confining Pressure
[Abstract] ( 54 )
Study of vertically ascending flight of a hawkmoth model
[Abstract] ( 48 )
Global cavitation patterns and corresponding hydrodynamics of the hydrofoil with leading edge roughness
[Abstract] ( 58 )
Effects of the actuation waveform on the drop size reduction in drop-on-demand inkjet printing
[Abstract] ( 56 )
Optimization Method for Dynamics of Non-holonomic System Based on Gauss’ Principle
[Abstract] ( 67 )
Characteristics of Array of Distributed Synthetic Jets and Effect on Turbulent Boundary Layer
[Abstract] ( 51 )
Analysis of antisymmetric cross-ply laminates using high-order shear deformation theories: A meshless approach
[Abstract] ( 54 )
Numerical simulation of phosphorus release from resuspended sediment
[Abstract] ( 61 )
Fail-safe Topology Optimization of Continuum Structures with Fundamental Frequency Constraints Based on the ICM Method
[Abstract] ( 73 )
Experimental methods for determination of mechanical behaviors of materials at high temperatures via the split Hopkinson bars
[Abstract] ( 54 )
A method to access the electro-mechanical properties of superconducting thin film under uniaxial compression
[Abstract] ( 61 )
Analytical solution of the low Reynolds third-grade non-Newtonian fluids flow inside rough circular pipes
[Abstract] ( 70 )
Subharmonic resonance of single-degree-of-freedom piecewise-smooth nonlinear oscillator
[Abstract] ( 80 )
Effect of water injection on the cavitation control: experiments on a NACA66 (MOD) hydrofoil
[Abstract] ( 82 )
Similarities in the penetration depth of concrete impacted by rigid projectiles
[Abstract] ( 65 )
Predicted aerodynamic damping of slender single beam structures in across-wind vibrations
[Abstract] ( 71 )
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