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Optimal fail-safe truss structures: new solutions and uncommon characteristics
James Kirby, Shiwei Zhou, Yi Min Xie
[Abstract] ( 29 )
Reconstructing the neutrally-buoyant particle flow near a singular corner
Francesco Romano
[Abstract] ( 35 )
A fast mapping method to evaluate immersed boundary hydrodynamic forces
Shi-Jun Li, Jun-Hua Pan, Ming-Jiu Ni
[Abstract] ( 32 )
Experimental study on the motion of a spherical particle in a plane traveling sound wave
Dongmei Wan, Haitao Xu
[Abstract] ( 26 )
Investigation of hysteresis effect of cavitating flow over a pitching Clark-Y hydrofoil
Zhang Mengjie, Feng Fuyong, Wang Meijing, Guo Zhipu, Kang Zhong, Huang Biao
[Abstract] ( 24 )
Active control of vortex-induced vibration of a circular cylinder by using the oscillatory plate immersed in the cylinder wake at low Reynolds number
Yiming Ren, Zhiqiang Xin, Shuitao Gu
[Abstract] ( 41 )
On the some issues of particle motion in the flow of viscoelastic fluids
Zhenna Li, Jianzhong Lin
[Abstract] ( 27 )
Opponent Cart-Pole Dynamics for Reinforcement Learning of Competing Agents
Xun Huang
[Abstract] ( 23 )
Axisymmetric 3:1 internal resonance of thin-walled hyperelastic cylindrical shells under both axial and radial excitations
Jia Jiao, Jie Xu, Xuegang Yuan, Li-Qun Chen
[Abstract] ( 28 )
Experimental study of the high-frequency instability in the hypersonic boundary layer over a cone at 6° angle of attack
Haibo Niu, Shihe Yi, Xiaolin Liu, Wenpeng Zheng, Xiaoge Lu
[Abstract] ( 20 )
Dynamically compressive behaviors and plastic mechanisms of a CrCoNi medium entropy alloy at various temperatures
Kun Jiang, Jianguo Li, Bin Gan, Tian Ye, Lianyang Chen, Tao Suo
[Abstract] ( 38 )
Evaluation of machine learning algorithms for predictive Reynolds stress transport modeling
[Abstract] ( 21 )
Effect of gauge corner lubrication on wheel/rail non-Hertzian contact and rail surface RCF on the curves
Yunfan Yang, Xinru Guo, Liang Ling, Kaiyun Wang, Wanming Zhai
[Abstract] ( 32 )
Biomimicking and Evaluation of Dragonfly Wing Morphology with Polypropylene Nanocomposites
Vivek Khare, Sudhir Kamle
[Abstract] ( 35 )
Topological bound states in elastic phononic plates induced by disclinations
Baizhan Xia, Zihan Jiang, Liang Tong, Shengjie Zheng, Xianfeng Man
[Abstract] ( 49 )
Vibration Characteristics Analysis of Tank Gun Barrel with Non-uniform Cross-section
Xun Wang, Xiaoting Rui, Jinghong Wang, Jianshu Zhang, Genyang Wu, Junjie Gu
[Abstract] ( 34 )
Mechanosensation of osteocyte with collagen hillocks and primary cilia under pressure and electric field stimulation
Yan Wang, Chaoxin Li,Hao Dong, Jianhao Yu, Yang Yan, Xiaogang Wu, Yanqin Wang, Pengcui Li, Xiaochun Wei,Weiyi Chen
[Abstract] ( 113 )
Dynamics analysis of higher-order soliton solutions for the coupled mixed derivative nonlinear Schrodinger equation
Kai Zhang,Fang Hong,Jie Luo,Zichen Deng
[Abstract] ( 37 )
A solution strategy combining the mode superposition method and time integration methods for linear dynamic systems
Yufeng Xing, Lu Yao, Yi Ji
[Abstract] ( 38 )
Topology optimization of magnetorheological smart materials included PnCs for tunable wide bandgap design
Kuan Liang, Jingjie He, Zhiyuan Jia, Xiaopeng Zhang
[Abstract] ( 32 )
Small symmetrical deformation and stress analysis of catenary shells of revolution
Bo-Hua Sun
[Abstract] ( 86 )
Failure behavior and criteria of metallic glasses
Y. Chen, L.H. Dai
[Abstract] ( 52 )
Extreme transmission of elastic metasurface for deep subwavelength focusing
Mu Jiang, Hong-Tao Zhou, Xiao-Shuang Li, Xiao-Wen Fu, Yan-Feng Wang, Yue-Sheng Wang
[Abstract] ( 57 )
Nonlinear size-dependent dynamic instability and local bifurcation of FG nanotubes transporting oscillatory fluids
Qiduo Jin, Yiru Ren
[Abstract] ( 32 )
Algebraic equations and non-integer orders of fractal operators abstracted from biomechanics
Yajun Yin, Gang Peng, Xiaobin Yu
[Abstract] ( 42 )
Knockdown factor of buckling load for axially compressed cylindrical shells: State of the art and new perspectives
Bo Wang, Peng Hao, Xiangtao Ma, Kuo Tian
[Abstract] ( 39 )
Modeling of the turbulent burning velocity for planar and Bunsen flames over a wide range of conditions
Zhen Lu, Yue Yang
[Abstract] ( 40 )
On the effectiveness of local vortex identification criteria in the vortex representation of wall-bounded turbulence
Chengyue Wang, Qi Gao, Tianle Chen, Biao Wang
[Abstract] ( 27 )
Effect of blowing ratio on the relaminarization phenomenon over convex curved wall
Wei-Yi Su, Feng-Rui Zhang, Mou‐Yuan Wang
[Abstract] ( 16 )
Fracture behavior of granite specimen containing a single fissure under uniaxial compression by GBM3D
Wen-Ling Tian, Sheng-Qi Yang, Yan-Hua Huang, Zhi-Jin Dong
[Abstract] ( 15 )
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