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An efficient algorithm for 3D bi-modulus structures
[Abstract] ( 0 )
Parametric identification of time-varying systems from free vibration using intrinsic chirp component decomposition
[Abstract] ( 0 )
An effective enhanced model for large deformable soft pneumatic actuator
[Abstract] ( 0 )
Transient growth in turbulent particle-laden channel flow
Yang Song, Chunxiao Xu, Weixi Huang, Lili Wang
[Abstract] ( 8 )
Quadrilateral 2D linked-interpolation nite elements for micropolar continuum
Sara Grbcic; Gordan Jelenic; Dragan Ribaric
[Abstract] ( 8 )
Numerical study on shock-dusty gas cylinder interaction
Jingyue Yin; Juchun Ding; Xisheng Luo; Xin Yu
[Abstract] ( 9 )
Numerical study on shock accelerated heavy gas cylinders with diffusive interfaces
Dong-dong Li; Ben Guan; Ge Wang
[Abstract] ( 4 )
Experimental investigation of a passive self-tuning resonator based on a beam-slider structure
Liuding Yu; Lihua Tang; Tiejun Yang
[Abstract] ( 32 )
Molecular simulation of diffusion of rigidity-tuned nanoparticles in biological hydrogels
Falin Tian; Hui Wang; Huawei Li; Ping Cheng; Xinghua Shi
[Abstract] ( 19 )
Dynamic crushing of cellular materials: A particle velocity-based analytical method and its application
Shilong Wang;Zhijun Zheng; Yuanyuan Ding; Changfeng Zhu; Jilin Yu
[Abstract] ( 47 )
Analysis on the velocity relationship and deceleration of long-rod penetration
W.J. Jiao; X.W. Chen
[Abstract] ( 12 )
Fabrication of three-dimensional islet models by geometry-controlled hanging drop method
Bin Gao; Ce Jing; Kelvin Ng; Belinda Pingguan-Murphy; Qingzhen Yang
[Abstract] ( 19 )
Linear optimal control of transient growth in turbulent channel flows
Yang Song; Chunxiao Xu; Weixi Huang
[Abstract] ( 21 )
Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of a Circular Composite Plate Harvester via Harmonic Balance
Tian-Chen Yuan; Jian Yang; Li-Qun Chen
[Abstract] ( 0 )
Mechanical microenvironments as key cellular regulator in the liver
Zhifeng You; Lyu Zhou; Wenjing Li; Chenyu Huang; Yanan Du
[Abstract] ( 5 )
Diffusive-stochastic-viscoelastic model on specific adhesion of viscoelastic solids via molecular bonds
Kuncheng He; Long Li; Jizeng Wang
[Abstract] ( 33 )
Effects of Hypoxia on the Biological Behavior of MSCs Seeded in Demineralized Bone Scaffolds with Different Stiffness
Yuanyuan Sun; Guobao Chen; Yonggang Lv
[Abstract] ( 17 )
Single-leg Weight Limit of Fixation Model of Simple Supracondylar Fracture of the Femur
Guo-Yu Bai; Xiang-Hong Xu; Jin-Hui Wang; Ning Sun
[Abstract] ( 7 )
Finite Element Simulation of Elastoplastic Field Near Crack Tips and Results for a Central Cracked Plate of LE-LHP Material under Tension
X. Ji; F. Zhu
[Abstract] ( 14 )
Finite element simulation of elastoplastic field near crack tips and results for a central cracked plate of LE-LHP material under tension
X. Ji ; F. Zhu
[Abstract] ( 6 )
Modeling and power performance improvement of a piezoelectric energy harvester for low-frequency vibration environment
Dongxing Cao; Yanhui Gao; Wenhua Hu
[Abstract] ( 0 )
Free vibration analysis of a spinning piezoelectric beam with geometric nonlinearities
Wei Li; Xiao-Dong Yang; Wei Zhang; Yuan Ren; Tianzhi Yang
[Abstract] ( 27 )
Modelling and Control of a Spatial Dynamic Cable
Bo Tian; Subhrajit Bhattacharya
[Abstract] ( 32 )
Study on establishment of standardized load spectrum on bogie frames of high-speed trains
D. Y. Chen; Q. Xiao; M. H. Mou; S. G. Sun; Q. Li
[Abstract] ( 67 )
Combined approach for analysing evolutionary power spectrums of track-soil system under moving random loads
Y. Zhao ;L. T. Si; H. Ouyang
[Abstract] ( 11 )
Effects of nano-voids and nano-cracks on the elastic properties of a host medium: XFEM modeling with Level-Set function and free surface energy
M.R. Kired; B.E. Hachi; D. Hachi; M. Haboussi
[Abstract] ( 21 )
Buckling of filamentous actin bundles in filopodial protrusion
Yanzhong Wang; Jin Qian
[Abstract] ( 49 )
Study on the damage-softening constitutive model of rock and its experimental verification
Sheng-Qi Yang ; Bo Hu; Peng Xu
[Abstract] ( 11 )
Modified smoothed particle hydrodynamics approach for modelling dynamic contact angle hysteresis
Yanyao Bao; Ling Li; Luming Shen; Chengwang Lei; Yixiang Gan
[Abstract] ( 13 )
Effects of marine sediment on the response of a submerged floating tunnel due to P wave incidence
Heng Lin; Yiqiang Xiang; Zhengyang Chen; Ying Yang
[Abstract] ( 12 )
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