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Applying Machine Learning to Study Fluid Mechanics
Steven L. Brunton
[Abstract] ( 2 )
A dislocation-based model for cyclic plastic response of lath martensitic steels
Long Yu; Wenbin Liu; Haonan Sui; Ying Liu; Huiling Duan
[Abstract] ( 10 )
A practical framework for data-driven RANS modeling with data augmentation
Xianwen Guo;Zhenhua Xia;Shiyi Chen
[Abstract] ( 6 )
Aerodynamic Optimization Using Passive Control Devices Near Bogie Cabin of High-Speed Trains
Yongfang Yao, Zhenxu Sun, Guibo Li, Guowei Yang, Prasert Prapamonthon, Yi Guo, Mengying Wang
[Abstract] ( 4 )
Exact mathematical formulas for wall-heat flux in compressible turbulent channel flows
Peng Zhang, Yubin Song, Zhenhua Xia
[Abstract] ( 25 )
Patient-specific modeling of left ventricle mechanics
J. I. Colorado-Cervantes, P. Nardinocchi, P. Piras, V. Sansalone, L. Teresi, C. Torromeo, P. E. Puddu
[Abstract] ( 9 )
Compressive properties and energy absorption of BCC lattice structures with bio-inspired gradient design
Fuchao Gao, Qinglei Zeng, Jing Wang, Zengfei Liu, Jun Liang
[Abstract] ( 29 )
A comparative study of cluster-based methods at finite strain
Yang Yang, Lei Zhang, Shaoqiang Tang
[Abstract] ( 22 )
Variation in contact load at the most loaded position of the outer raceway of a bearing in high-speed train gearbox
Yu Hou, Xi Wang, Hongbo Que, Rubing Guo, Xinhai Lin, Siqin Jin, Chengpan Wu, Yue Zhou, Xiaolong Liu
[Abstract] ( 32 )
The impact vibration behaviour of railway vehicles: a state-of-the-art overview
Lin Jing, Kaiyun Wang, Wanming Zhai
[Abstract] ( 44 )
Numerical Investigation of Efficient Synthetic Jets Generated by Multiple-frequency Actuating Signals
Yiran Lu, Jiangsheng Wang, Jinjun Wang
[Abstract] ( 46 )
Magnetically induced first-order composite beams incorporating couple stress and its flexoelectric effects
Gongye Zhang, Yilin Qu, Ziwen Guo, Feng Jin
[Abstract] ( 21 )
Review of Lagrangian stochastic models for turbulent combustion
Tianwei Yang, Yu Yin, Hua Zhou, Zhuyin Ren
[Abstract] ( 21 )
Evaluating the Blast Mitigation Performance of Hard/Soft Composite Structures through Field Explosion Experiment and Numerical Analysis
Fengyuan Yang, Zhijie Li, Zhuo Zhuang, Zhanli Liu
[Abstract] ( 20 )
Hamilton-Pontryagin spectral-collocation methods for the orbit propagation
Zhonggui Yi, Baozeng Yue, Mingle Deng
[Abstract] ( 18 )
Implementing fractional Fourier transform and solving partial differential equations using acoustic computational metamaterials in space domain
Zengyao Lv, Peng Liu, Yuanshuai Ding, Hangyu Li, Yongmao Pei
[Abstract] ( 11 )
Design and Transition Characteristic Analysis of a Standard Model for Hypersonic Boundary Layer Transition Research
Shenshen Liu1;2, Xianxu Yuan1, Zhiyong Liu3, Qiang Yang1, Guohua Tu1, Xi Chen1, Yewei Gui1, Jianqiang Chen1;2
[Abstract] ( 28 )
The geometry effect in reactive shock-elliptic bubble interactions
Dong-dong Li, Ge Wang, Bin Zhang, Zhi-bang Wang, Ben Guan
[Abstract] ( 20 )
Scaling analysis for the circulation growth of leading-edge vortex in flapping flight
Yang Xiang, Haotian Hang, Suyang Qin, Hong Liu
[Abstract] ( 25 )
Theoretical investigations on lattice Boltzmann method: an amended MBD and improved LBM
Jing Tang Xing
[Abstract] ( 22 )
Hybrid deep neural network based prediction method for unsteady flows with moving boundary
Ren-Kun Han, Zhong Zhang, Yi-Xing Wang, Zi-Yang Liu, Yang Zhang, Gang Chen
[Abstract] ( 23 )
Studies on Theory and Modeling of Droplet and Spray Combustion in China-A Review
Zhou, Lixing
[Abstract] ( 19 )
Coordinated motion of molecular motors on DNA chains with branch topology
Di Lu, Bin Chen
[Abstract] ( 15 )
Reconstructing shock front of unstable detonations based on multi-layer perceptron
Lin Zhou, Honghui Teng, Hoi Dick Ng, Pengfei Yang, Zonglin Jiang
[Abstract] ( 38 )
Tuning frictional properties of molecularly thin erucamide films through controlled self-assembling
Youyu Di, Shuai Zhang, Xi-Qiao Feng, Qunyang Li
[Abstract] ( 38 )
Novel lift enhancement method based on zero-mass-flux jets and its adaptive controlling laws design
Zhijie Zhao, Zhenbing Luo, Bin Xu, Panfeng Zhang, Xiong Deng, Yuyan Guo,Wenqiang Peng,Shiqing Li
[Abstract] ( 21 )
A numerical investigation of the effects of turbulence on the ignition process in a turbulent MILD flame
Xiang Qian, Hao Lu, Chun Zou, Hanlin Zhang, Shujing Shao, Hong Yao
[Abstract] ( 20 )
Machine learning for adjoint vector in aerodynamic shape optimization
Mengfei Xu, Shufang Song, Xuxiang Sun, Wengang Chen, Weiwei Zhang
[Abstract] ( 35 )
Effect of cooperative injection and suction jet on power extraction characteristics of a semi-active flapping airfoil
Jianyang Zhu, Mingkang Zhu, Tinghai Cheng
[Abstract] ( 22 )
The rupture of a rubber sheet by a cavitation bubble: an experimental study
Xing-Yu Kan,Jia-Le Yan, Shuai Li,A-Man Zhang
[Abstract] ( 64 )
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