Acta Mechanica Sinica
Acta Mechanica Sinica  2012, Vol. 28 Issue (1): 34-40    DOI: 10.1007/s10409-012-0014-x
Special papers on biomechanics  | 
Boundary layer flow over a moving surface in a nanofluid with suction or injection
Norfifah Bachok1, Anuar Ishak2, Ioan Pop3
1. Department of Mathematics and Institute for Mathematical Research, Faculty of Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia;
2. School of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 43600 UKM Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia;
3. Faculty of Mathematics, University of Cluj, CP 253, Romania
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